Your Alexander lesson 



When you stop doing the wrong thing the right thing does itself” (F M Alexander)


The Alexander Technique is an educational process aimed at changing harmful life long habits we are sometimes not even aware of. Therefore it takes time, commitment and patience.

The technique is best taught in one-to-one lessons; however, group lessons can serve as a useful introduction to the technique. Involving touch and voice the teacher guides the pupil through simple movements such as sitting, standing, walking. This allows the pupil to experience a better use of themselves. Ease, lightness and poise are hallmarks of a new way of moving and reacting.

The number of lessons required varies from person to person. Generally, a course of 25 to 30 lessons can provide a good foundation.A minimum frequency of one lesson per week is recommended. Increasing the frequency of lessons, especially initially, can greatly accelerate learning and change.

 A typical lesson lasts 40 minutes, the introductory lesson approximately 50 min.


“Trying is only emphasising the thing we know already.” (F M Alexander)