The Alexander Technique

Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life” (F M Alexander)

  As very young children we move and act with natural poise, maximum balance and minimum effort.

However, during our lifetime we tend to accumulate harmful habits and reactions which remain unnoticed until symptoms develop, for example back pain or severe anxiety.

 The Alexander Technique will teach you

 - how to reduce unnecessary tension in your daily activity

- how to prevent harmful postural habits which could lead to pain, stiffness and


- how to regain natural balance, poise and efficiency of movement

- how to express yourself with greater ease and confidence

Through exploring habitual reactions to stresses and pressures, you gain a growing awareness and  understanding of how to manage yourself physically and psychologically in your dailylife as well as in more demanding activities such as sport, performing or public speaking.

 The technique is a powerful tool for self awareness and personal change.

The Alexander Technique offers help with

- back, neck or shoulder problems

- chronic strain injuries i.e. RSI

- breathing and vocal difficulties

- migraines or headaches

- stress related conditions and fatigue

- performance anxiety